• Energy Efficiency

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    PMC is focused on improving efficiency in mission critical facilities.  Our offerings include energy audits, feasibility studies, green energy systems design and analysis, and green energy systems testing.  

  • Mission Critical Engineering

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Education & Training

Maintaining Mission Critical Systems In A 24/7 Environment by Peter Curtis offers a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of Mission Critical systems, which are designed to maintain ultra-high reliability, availability, and resiliency of electrical, mechanical, and digital systems and eliminate costly downtime.  All of our education and training offerings are based on this industry proven resource.

Engineering Services

PMC’s focus is to integrate “green” technology into our cutting edge engineering and design solutions, while augmenting energy security for the critical infrastructures that sustain our everyday way of life. We also apply our engineering expertise to the education and training sector, providing up to date resources for educating tomorrow’s engineers.  PMC Flyer

Technology and Research

PMC is on the forefront of Mission Critical Technology development. Our research and development projects are specifically geared towards creating a greener and more efficient facility that can stand up to today’s strict reliability requirements.